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The Empirical Aesthetics Research Lab (earl.) is dedicated to explore and leverage aesthetic behaviors. We deep-dive into neurophysiology, data science and practice-based research to identify decision making patterns in groups. Our aim is to max out visual communication to be more accessible, better understood and highly memorable by informing design decisions with evidence.

The independent and interdisciplinary research laboratory is cooperating with the TRACE Research Group.

How we find out if your visual style is a functional eco-system: design thinking, cognitive science and machine learning

1 — identify


To learn more about the visual culture we are investigating, we define the space between knowns and unknowns. In this phase we find out what exactly we are looking for to benchmark sweet spots and to frame the opportunity space.

2 — model building


We use our framework of cognitive science, cultural theory and machine learning to analyse the problem space. After unpacking our insights and assumptions we build a research plan to find patterns and rules in your visual domain.

3 — actionable plan


As a final step we experiment and ideate with the extracted features: preto- and prototypes help us to test our ideas and get feedback to reframe the opportunity or lay out an actionable plan. With the help of empathy work (user experience) we end up with a guideline that will allow you to adapt to be more accessible, better understood and highly memorable.


Project descriptions are available soon.

Design Research Landscape (DACH)
The Sarajevo Experiment
Mnemonic VR
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Thomas Grundnigg
Prof.(UAS), DI., Univ-Lekt.

Visual Rhetorics,

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Michael Manfé
Prof.(UAS), Dr., Mag.

Philosophy of Technology,
Media Theory

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Matthias Tratz

Design Research,
Artificial Intelligence

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We invite the public to join our open lectures. We present leading figures from technology, society and culture.


Dr. Shiro Inoue - Design Research

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